Blightbound Leaves Early Access and Exits on Consoles

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced a release date for Ronimo Games studio‘s adventure role-playing action film Blightbound. The game comes out of Steam’s Early Access on July 27. On the same day, it will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Both RS players and console owners will be able to take advantage of cooperative cross-play across all platforms. All players will be allowed to go to the dungeons to save the world from the Plague in one group regardless of the game version.

For upgrade 1. 0, developers prepare a whole set of innovations.

Three new heroes will be available to players, as well as another dungeon with the game‘s toughest boss, Iron Maiden. Heroes will be able to get never-before-seen pieces of equipment, including legendary ones.

But all the details of the release patch will be told over time. More on the Game Tetralogy Finale Rebuild of Evangelion we’ll see August 13 Features of โ€œThe Sims 4: Country Lifeโ€ supplement explained in new trailer Drawn Shooter Kingdom of the Dead is out in early 2022.