Blind clear: ‘I hope we will make more goals out of that in the future’

Daley Blind wants him and his teammates at Orange to deal more effectively with corners. The 31-year-old defender sees plenty of ways for the Netherlands to take care of that.
Friday night Orange will face Latvia in the World Cup qualification. A few months ago, the Netherlands received sixteen corners against the Latvians. None of them were utilized. Blind knows what Orange needs to do to be successful with corners right now. โ€œBy training on it, talking about it and making it your own,โ€ he explains at the press conference.
โ€œI hope we will make more goals out of that in the future,โ€ continues the 31-year-old left-leg over the corners. โ€œIf you get sixteen corner kicks, you can set a goal out of that.โ€
Friday night Orange can take the next step towards the World Cup. The Netherlands is currently first in Group G of the World Cup Qualification, with four more duels on the programme.