Blind takes a new step in recovery towards the European Championships: ‘We have searched the borders’

Daley Blind participated in the group training with the Dutch national team on Friday afternoon. In this way, the Ajax defender is taking a good step in his recovery with a view to the European Championships.
Almost two months ago, Blind suffered a massive ankle injury in the World Cup qualifying duel with Gibraltar. Initially it was uncertain whether Blind would be fit for the final tournament again in time, although it is now starting to look more and more like that. The first group duel of Orange, against Ukraine, will be on the program in more than two weeks.
In a conversation with De Cceit, Blind tells us that he hopes to make his return on June 6th, when the Dutch national team exercises against Georgia in the run-up to the European Championships. โ€œI just work hard every day to get back as quickly as possible,โ€ says the 31-year-old left-arm. โ€œThe faster the better. Well see how fast it goes.โ€
Blind is also happy with the medical guidance he has received over the last few months. โ€œI listened very carefully to them and I am grateful to them. I
ve had a lot of support, including from the home front. Weve searched the boundaries. Then you have to have faith in yourself and in the people who say that something can be done,โ€ he concludes.