Blizzard co-founder apologizes to female employees

Michael Morheim, co-founder and former president of Blizzard Entertainment, apologized to all employees of the company whose suffering came to light after Activision Blizzard was sued. He admitted that he felt like everything he was doing was in vain. According to Morheim, during his 28 years in Blizzards ranks, he sought to create an environment conducive to everyone regardless of gender and origin.

It didnt really work out to allow people to speak the truth safely. Although Morheim acknowledged that harassment and discrimination were strong in the gaming industry, he always hoped Blizzard was in that regard is different.

He admitted that he failed his former female employees and gave them an apology. I understand these are just words, but I want to offer support to women who have lived through this horror.

I hear you, I believe you, and Im really sorry I let you down. If youre willing to share your stories, Im willing to listen to them.

As one of the influencers in our industry, I can and will use this influence to promote positive change and combat misogyny, discrimination and harassment wherever possible. Michael Morheim currently runs Dreamhaven publishing house he founded with two sister studios in the lineup.

They have not announced a single project yet, but express their desire to employ any members of any minority. Earlier, Blizzards current president, Jay Allen Brack, described as troubling.

He assured that much had been done in recent years to maintain equality, inclusiveness and combat discrimination of any variet. Meanwhile Mark Kern, former head of developmentโ€ Vanillaโ€ World of Warcraft, with Taiwanese roots, said it removes anything related to Blizzard from his biography.

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