Blizzard Decisions to Cancel BlizzConline 2022 Virtual Show

Blizzard announced the cancellation of the BlizzConline virtual event, which had been scheduled for early 2022. The company admitted that the decision was difficult. Right now, the organizers dont have enough energy to produce a decent show, as its all geared toward supporting employees and further developing games.

Although the show has been canceled, announcements and updates are still in the companys plans. In the future, Blizzard wants to make the event as safe, welcoming and inclusive as possible & raquo; .

Recall that the online format of traditional BlizzCon came about due to pandemic issues. In addition, Blizzard itself has found itself at the center of discrimination and harassment scandals.

The company even had to rename the Overwatch character — today he changed Jesse McCrees name to Cole Cassidy. More on Gamemania Santa Monica Studios next project could be a fantasy game Dead by Daylight added James and a new look for Pyramid-headed Sweetness, Pranks and Everyones Day Eve saints — whats new in Red Dead Online.