Blizzard renames Big Love Rocket and Twin Concubines

Blizzard continues to censor World of Warcraft in its fight against discrimination, harrasment, gender inequality, and other contemporary issues. This time the Big Love Rocket has been renamed. The special mount that can be obtained in Love Fever will be known as X-45 Heartbreaker in 9.

1. 5 ( X-45 Heartbreaker).

The company has previously changed the mount icon to use a more realistic image instead of a phallic symbol. One of the bosses of the Throne of the Thunderstorms in Pandaria has been changed.

The twin concubines Su‘lin and Lu’lin are now known as Twin Empyreans (Twin Empyreans). They changed their description accordingly: they are no longer the concubines of the Thunder Lord, the world‘s only female mog, but one of Lei Shen’s most formidable champions.

This is far from Blizzard‘s first achievement in the war against ambiguities, sedate jokes and sexualization. Previously, the company had repainted not-so-modest canvases and altered a number of achievements and subjects.

The game also removed all references to disgraced developers, such as the Argus Mac’Ari region being renamed Eredat. Players are waiting for a wave of puritanism to sweep the Black Temple with its harem and called upon by the succubus warlocks.

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