Blizzard to gift two pets for helping Doctors Without Borders

Blizzard has announced another charity action sale of battle pets for World of Warcraft. This time it is held in favor of MSF and its special fund to fight COVID-19. In addition, Blizzard has completely changed the principle of sale.

Everyone can now donate any amount until April 26. And when $500,000 appears on the account, all players of the current version of World of Warcraft will receive a pet Bananchik, a friendly son of King Mukly.

And that‘s not all. If the donation amount reaches a million dollars, the second gift will be a unique pet: Daisy’s sloth.

The sloth is so lazy that even travel prefers on the back of the hero. Pick Bananchik and Daisy, if these pets are unlocked, will allow until August 2.

And after August 3, Daisy will go on sale, it can be bought in the in-game store or in the Blizzard store. More on Gambling Another milestone Valheim: Six million sales Player World of Warcraft has reached level 50 without running Smekrtowing on Kezan Creators Detention and Devotion are working on a new game.