Blober Team to work on games on Konamis new and existing IP

Konami and Studio Blober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear, Observer) announced a strategic partnership. Blober Team will now work on games on Konami‘s new and existing IP. Negotiations began last year.

In the future, Konami will continue to explore opportunities to collaborate with other studios as well as further internal development. The Blober Team will be able to work on their own projects as well.

Separately, the issue of developing new parts of the Silent Hill series was also addressed, which Konami is not yet ready to comment on. However, VGC, citing its sources, reports that one of Blober Team’s projects was indeed the new Silent Hill.

Earlier this year, Blober Team announced that it was working with โ€œmajor publishers & raquo; over โ€œwell-known horror brandโ€. Media later reported that two Silent Hill were in production at once.

One of them entrusted to a โ€œwell-known Japanese developerโ€ is due to submit as early as this summer. More on Gaming Hearing: GTA VI will be modern and the card will change with the release of Risk of Rain 2 DLC on PS4 and Xbox One gets an update with Bandit Authors Among Us handed out more than 15 million copies in Epic Games Store.