Blober Team wants to play in the ‘Champions League’ alongside Naughty Dog or Bungie

Bloober Team celebrates its thirteen years โ€” on this occasion, the company held a conference to share its successes and plans for the future. President of Bloober Team& Peter Babienaud admitted that the team did not have a strategy of its own at first, but that it was market-oriented. The first attempt was the action movie Basement Crawl โ€” a failure PS4 exclusive that severely demotivated the developers.

The reputation of the Bloober Team helped restore the multiplayer game Brawl released on mobile devices. However, the real success came with the release of the horror Layers of Fear, after which the developers started to create projects in the horror genre.

of Fear โ€” Learn more about it at the Tokyo Games Show 2021, which will be held online from September 30 to October 3. Two AAA projects are also in the works: Project B โ€” Collaboration with Konami โ€” and Project C โ€” Own IP.

Other Interestations from the Conference: Marketing Director Tomasz Gawlikowski noted that the studio‘s projects were played by more than 10 million people, some of whom picked up games by subscriptions. Developers plan to become โ€œleaders in psychological horror gamesโ€ – in 5-7 years.

Some film companies and streaming services are interested in the film adaptation of The Medium, but there are no details yet. The team mainly focuses on storytelling in their horror stories, but plans to create more dynamic projects like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alan Wake and The Last of Us in the future.

The Bloober Team boasts its own motion capture and recording studios. It now has 150 employees and wants to expand to 200 by the end of 2021.

At the end, the studio added that they wanted to play in the Champions League, at the level of Naughty Dog or Bungie, but without their miscalculations or mistakes. More at Gamemania PS Plus subscribers will receive Hell Let Loose, Mortal Kombat X, and PGA Tour 2K21 Star Wars Boba Fett series will be released on December 29 Calls Activision Blizzard’s $18M compensation โ€œticky-clickโ€.