Blockhouse gets report against Van Lienden for face mask deal

Secretary of State Paul Blokhuis of Public Health understands lawyer Plasmans decision to file a report against Sywert van Lienden and his business partners for scams in the contentious face mask deal.

โ€œI get that happens,โ€ Blokhuis responded this morning to Plasmans announcement on the TV show Jinek. โ€œThere are a lot of people bubbling with anger, frustration.โ€


Earlier this year, a lot of commotion arose about the face mask business of entrepreneur Van Lienden. During the beginning of the corona crisis, there was a large shortage of medical devices and Van Lienden brought millions of face masks to the Netherlands for the Ministry of Health. He said to do this voluntarily and not earn anything from it, later it emerged that he and his partners had earned about 28 million euros from it.

A number of disadvantaged people have reported to lawyer Plasman, presumably volunteers who helped Van Lienden with his project and are now fearing the consequences. โ€œThey are afraid to end up in all kinds of legal proceedings against people who have a lot of money,โ€ said Plasman.

Secretary of State Blokhuis does not want to go into the declaration. There is another independent investigation into the course of events. โ€œAs far as were concerned, the bottom stone comes up The law must prevail.โ€