Blogger launched Horizon Zero Dawn in resolutions of 360p, 144p and even 72p on the GeForce GT 710

Blogger ZWormZ in the summer released a video on Horizon Zero Dawn for PC, where he ran the game on the budget NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 in different resolutions – up to 144p (256×144) and 72p (128×72) ) . The Verge drew attention to the video, after which it was noticed by many others. For perspective, we remind the screen resolution of popular portable consoles: Game Boy Advance โ€” 240×160 Nintendo DS โ€” 256ร—192 PlayStation Portable โ€” 480×272 Nintendo 3DS โ€” 800ร—240 PlayStation Vita โ€” 960×544 Nintendo Switch โ€” 1280ร—720.

Apparently, it is possible to turn on low resolution only on weak video cards – for example, on Intel HD 620, the author of The Verge managed to omit the index only to 160×100. More on Gambling For Metal Gear Solid V released a fresh patch with a volume of 3.

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