Blok very firmly: I dont want to be a minister any more

Minister Blok really doesn‘t want mail in the next cabinet. โ€œI was able to be a minister for nine years and thought it was special and an honour. But it’s also nice when it comes to an end.โ€

Blok said goodbye to politics after the previous cabinet period, but when Foreign Minister Zijlstra stepped up after a lie about visiting Russian President Putin, his party called on him again.

He is now on his second portfolio. He replaces Economic Affairs Minister Van‘t Wout, who left with a burnout in May.

From the end of 2012 to early 2017, Blok served as Minister for Housing and National Service. He then replaced the VVD’er Van der Steur, who had stepped up as Minister for Security and Justice because of the so-called receipt affair’.

After the previous cabinet period, he said he was determined to do something different. He would no longer be a minister, even if the VVD asked him to do so urgently. Less than six months later, he was part of the Rutte III cabinet.