Blokhuis finds way to give government support to Thialf

It was in question for a while, but Thialf still gets the government support that the House of Representatives had asked for. This is what divorcing secretary of state Blokhuis van Sport writes to the Chamber.

At the

beginning of this month, the House adopted a proposal to make 1 million euros available so that the skating complex in Heerenveen can remain open for the time being. The ice stamp has been facing financial problems for a long time.


A few days after the Chamber Decree, Secretary of State Blokhuis stepped on the brakes. He feared that direct funding was contrary to European state aid rules and said he was going to study on other options.

The Secretary of State now thinks it can circumvent the rules by making the money available to Thialf via the province of Friesland. โ€œThis prevents the potential state aid problems that I have outlined earlier.โ€

The million euros are needed to eliminate overdue maintenance and prepare the stadium for the 2022-2023 skating season, writes Blokhuis. โ€œAs far as this was already the case, the Olympic preparation of the skating team for Beijing is not compromised.โ€


This spring, sports dome decided to support NOC*NSF, skating association KNSB, the municipality of Heerenveen and the province of Thialf, with a financial boost of 1.4 million euros.

There are also plans to make the skating hall financially healthy. For example, in the future, the stadium should also be used by other branches of skating sport. For example, Schaatsbond KNSB wants the stadium to become the national training center for art racing.