Blokhuis: outcome of the arbitration case for youth care weighty advice

Secretary of State Blokhuis considers the outcome of the arbitration case on youth services to be a weighty opinion. Yesterday it emerged that according to an arbitration committee, billions more have to go to youth services. The committee came to that opinion in a case brought against the cabinet by the Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten Gemeenten.

According to Blokhuis, it is a very clear, clear advice, which the cabinet will seriously talk about. “Its not just about money, its also about measures; I think we should enable municipalities and aid workers to organise the help needed for families in a vulnerable position.” He acknowledged that the waiting lists are often too long.

The Secretary of State said that the committees ruling is not a dictate, which should be carried out exactly the same way. He expects to clarify in the short term.

Blokhuis also pointed out that the government is already giving the municipalities an extra billion this year to deal with the problems. “Municipalities can organise a lot of extra help for this, and we need to talk about the following years.”