Bloober Team says partnership with Take-Two

Polish studio Bloober Team has summed up its story and revealed its plans for the next five years in celebration of its 13th anniversary. And now weve announced a new collaboration. As we already know, the studio is going to release a new game in the Layers of Fear universe in 2022, based on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

The first part of the work has already been done, but well hear more about Project A during the Tokyo Games Show as well as in the coming months. In addition, the Bloober Team is working on two more high-budget projects projects.

The first is the fruit of a collaboration with Konami, is listed as Project B, and is suspected of being a new Silent Hill, although no official confirmation has yet been made. , Project C, then it will be the fruit of a new partnership, with Take-Two.

The game will be published by Private Division, and it will be based on the studios proprietary IP. It has an even bigger budget than the project commissioned by Konami, and full funding for both games has already been received.

In their new works, the Bloober Team wants to go beyond the usual psychological horror. They will have more mechanics and action, and this should allow the studio to not only learn new technologies, but also become recognized in the horror segment of the gaming industry and beyond.

it faces a daunting task. The gaming industry has a high percentage of depression and psychological problems.

An example was cited by two unnamed Polish studios that grew so quickly that it led to a moral decline in the bands. More on Gamemania The creators of Ghostwire: Tokyo are already working on a new Epic Chef game based on Pratchett is released November 11 Horror Gravewood High on October 20 goes early access.