Bloodiest day of protest in Myanmar since coup, army leadership acts harder

Police forces in Myanmar have fired sharp in protests against the army‘s coup d’รฉtat. According to the United Nations, 18 people have been killed and at least 30 people have been injured.

At least it‘s the bloodiest day since the army seized power in the country.

The authorities are increasingly acting against the demonstrators who have been taking hundreds of thousands across the country for almost a month to express their dissatisfaction with the coup d’รฉtat. For example, the police in the city of Yangon would have intervened immediately when the first demonstrators met.

Indonesia says, in response to violence, that it is โ€œdeeply concernedโ€ about the situation in the country.

In the provincial city of Dawei, the police fired sharp at protesters:

At the military coup on 1 February, the head of government Aung San Suu Kyi was arrested together with a number of senior party members. It is not known where Suu Kyi is at the moment, says her lawyer to De Volkskrant. He hasn‘t been able to speak to her yet.

Youth activist Esther Ze Naw tells Reuters that after almost fifty years of military dictatorship, people are trying to overcome their fear of the regime.

โ€œ That fear will only increase if we continue to live with it,โ€ she says. โ€œAnd the people who create this fear know that. We cannot accept that.โ€

UN ambassador dismissed

Yesterday, the army fired the UN Ambassador to Myanmar, after the diplomat called on the United Nations to end the coup ‘by whatever means what‘.

The army leaders felt that Kyaw Moe Tun had betrayed his country with that call. โ€œI have decided to fight back as long as possible,โ€ said the emissary to Reuters.

The UN announced that Kyaw Moe Tun continues to be the Ambassador of Myanmar, because the international organisation does not recognise the army as the country’s legitimate leadership.

Banned from Facebook

Should the army led by General Min Aung Hlaing send a new UN envoy to New York, the UN General Assembly would have to decide on recognition of the army as a power in Myanmar.

The UN Special Envoy to Myanmar warned the 193 members of the UN that no country should do this.

Thursday, the military regime was banned from Facebook. Also, it can no longer use Instagram, which is owned by the American tech company. According to Facebook, the Myanmar army is abusing the platforms.