Bloodiest day since coup in Myanmar with 38 dead

Myanmar security forces have once again opened fire on civilians demonstrating against the military coup dรฉtat. According to the United Nations, 38 people died on Wednesday, the UN envoy for Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgener, reported.

โ€œ It was the bloodiest day since the coup on February 1,โ€ said the Swiss at a digital press conference. In total, over 50 victims died last month and many people were injured, she added.

Shooting with sharp

Myanmarese have been on the streets for weeks in protest against the coup. The authorities are trying to suppress these protests by increasingly heavy means. Security forces have repeatedly used lethal force, despite international criticism.

Witnesses reported that in Yangon, Myanmars largest city, at least eight people were killed by security forces shooting around them with automatic weapons. Several casualties have also been found. Six people were killed in the central city of Monywa. There were also deaths in Mandalay, the second city of the country.

The situation also got out of hand in the city of Myingyan. That was where protesters with improvised shields stood against police forces. โ€œThey fired with tear gas, rubber bullets and sharp,โ€ said a local emergency worker, who talked about at least ten wounded.


The army seized power on 1 February and arrested head of government Aung San Suu Kyi. The generals say it was fraudulent in the elections won by the Nobel Prize winners political party. Other top officials have also been arrested.

The authorities are now also prosecuting six journalists, including a photographer from Associated Press news agency. They reported the protests and risked years in prison. According to a lawyer, journalists are suspected of violating a law which prohibits, among other things, the โ€œsowing of fear and spreading fake newsโ€.

International criticism of the Myanmar authorities is growing. According to insiders, the United Kingdom wants the United Nations Security Council to meet Friday on the situation in the country.