Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Last Oasis, Superliminal โ€” in August on Humble Choice

A new month has arrived, and Humble Bundle has updated a selection of games that Humble Choice subscribers can get. There are 12 projects waiting for users, as always,: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Last Oasis Superliminal Out of Space We Need to Go Deeper Carto As Far As The Eye Cepheus Protocol Drake Hollow Nowhere Prophet Blue Fire Encodya. All who want to become owners of Humble Choice games on PC are waiting for two subscription options: if you pay 700 rubles per month, you can choose any 3 projects, but if you pay 884 rubles , then will provide all 12 games.

In addition, subscribers are waiting and bonuses like discounts at Humble Store. More on CCeit Far Cry 5 will be available for free from August 5-9, Age of Empires IV Closed Beta will run from 5 to 16 August DIRT 5 will also soon be added to EA Play library.