Blue dogs create mystery: ‘They need to be inspected’

In Russia, commotion has arisen after pictures of dogs with blue fur have surfaced. The cause is likely to be found at a closed factory.

The Plexiglas plant in the city of Dzerzhinsk, east of Moscow, may have dumped illegal chemical waste for years. It was a concerned resident who took the pictures of the dogs.

The director of the bankrupt factory, who closed the doors six years ago, thinks he knows how the dogs turned blue. They may have found remnants of chemicals and rolled in them. It was possible that it was copper sulphate. Copper sulfate is naturally a white substance, but after adding water turns blue. According to him, the same thing happened about seven years ago. Nobodys watching these dogs.

The local authorities have now announced that they want to try to catch the stray dogs so they can investigate them. They need to be checked, their health has to be assessed, and the reason for their strange color must be identified.