BN DeStem: NAC wants to lose five more players, ‘earn over 1 million together’

NAC Breda said goodbye to pariah Jeredy Hilterman on Tuesday: the striker made itself impossible last season and was sold to Almere City. However, that is only the beginning of the intended major cleaning in Breda.
Hilterman came over from FC Emmen seconds before the transfer deadline expired in January, for 250 thousand euros. He became one of the big earners in the Breda squad, but ran into a disciplinary suspension when he reported to FC Emmens championship ceremony and stated that he regretted his transfer. NAC has now taken its loss. โ€œThey bought it for 250 thousand and sold it for just under half. In less than six months, eh?โ€ , it sounds in BN DeStems Gegenpressing Podcast.
The Bredanians now want to get rid of even more players: the club watchers mention the names of Dion Malone, Michaรซl Maria, Ruben Ligeon, Jarchinio Antonia and Moreno Rutten. โ€œNAC wants to get rid of that. Not in principle, but NAC just wants to get rid of that, no matter how annoying that announcement is. Not entirely illogical, because with the age of six these boys together (including Hilterman, ed.) earn more than one million euros. And that also includes employer expenses and a lease car. These are almost fifty percent of the player budget of 2.5 million euros. Just imagine what the rest deserves. And then Roy Kortsmit is also okay, with more than one ton a year. So theres not much left.โ€