Boadu gets criticism from De Boer after headball: ‘He taged me on Instagram’

After Heracles Almelo-AZ, Myron Boadu took his gram after confronted with criticism from analyst Ronald de Boer. The striker missed an opportunity in Almelo: according to De Boer, this proved that Boadu is not a born leader. The singular Orange-International thought that there was not much wrong with his headball, which ended up on the bar via goalkeeper Michael Brouwer. โ€œI get him in good. – Not? May I see him again? What did Ronald say?โ€, Boadu responded to FOX Sports afterwards. โ€œNo, Im not a leader. But this was a good headball, for my doing. But maybe Ronald should teach me that. I saw something coming by on Instagram that he had tagged me in something. Maybe I should get in touch with him.โ€
Boadu, however, is training on headballs with teammate Pantelis Hatzidiakos. โ€œThat was what my manager had to do (Mino Raiola, red.). He also thinks it doesn
t look…โ€ Against Heracles, it did not pay off yet. Boadu did score with his left leg, in a match in which he was allowed to try again from the kick-off. โ€œOf course things went a little less the last few weeks, also sat on the couch. But Ive always tried my best at the workouts. Myron Boadu will always see you smile.โ€

๐Ÿ˜ Myron Boadu is not a born leader, so @rdboer1970 and Boadu see: Maybe Ronald should teach me.โ€
โ€” FOX Sports (@FOXSportsnl) November 29, 2020