Boadu honestly after winning goal: Everyone saw I didnt hit him top

Although the goal in injury time Myron Boadu resulted in a victory of Young Orange over France, the twenty-year-old striker actually did not hit the ball well. Boadu shot the ball with his heel, which gave him goalkeeper Ilan Meslier.
โ€œThese are the best goals. Everyone could only see that I didnt hit him top,โ€ says Matchwinner Boadu in front of DeccEits camera. โ€œI hit him a little with the heel. I couldnt do many other things, either. Maybe it was the right thing to do, because I got the ball over the goalkeeper anyway.โ€

Semi-finals! ๐Ÿ”ถ Young Orange beats Young France in the very last seconds of the match and goes to the semi-finals at the European Championships โ†’
โ€”CCEit Sport (@ CCEitSport) May 31, 2021

Boadu was good for all two goals of Jong Orange against the peers of France, making the team of Erwin van de Looi go to the semi-final of the European Championships against expectations. โ€œEveryone said France was the top favourite,โ€ says the singular Orange-International. โ€œWe assumed our own strength. The difference wasnt big, thats how it felt to me. We have shown that we can achieve results through hard work.โ€
After the competition, the joy came loose in the dressing room of Jong Oranje, says Boadu. โ€œThere was a little party. The trainer just said right away that we have to go on again. In three days we have to stand there again.โ€ Dan Jong Oranje plays the semi-final of the European Championships. Germany or Denmark will be the opponent in this.