Board CDU chooses Armin Laschet, Markus Söder throws the towel in the ring

Last night, the board of the German governing party CDU held a dramatic meeting behind Armin Laschet (60). With that he will most likely become Merkel‘s new leader. The popular Bavarian challenger Markus Söder (54, CSU), behind whom the joint group stands, has accepted his defeat.

For ten days, our eastern neighbours have been breathing through the verbal boxing battle between the two prime ministers. Laschet, the good-natured Catholic from Aachen, is Prime Minister in the densely populated North Rhine-Westphalia and has been the unfortunate party chairman of the CDU for several months. Opposite him was the male sputter Markus Söder, just like Laschet trained as a TV journalist at Bayerische Rundfunk, and also a lawyer. Söder is Protestant and is the prime minister of the largest state, the proud Bavaria in southern Germany.


Söder has more than harassed Laschet over the past ten days. Last Monday, the Bavarian Prime Minister refused to accept a decision by the CDU party board in favour of Laschet. He referred to the 245-headed group in the Bundestag, and to the hundreds of thousands of Members who would support the CSU Prime Minister.

Now it seems as if the ‘cardinals‘ in the larger party, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU, have joined Laschet. On Monday, Söder promised to accept the decision.