Boas are holding fines for coronamis step Grapperhaus

Extraordinary investigators (boas) are currently writing out fewer coronation fines because of the commotion about Minister Grapperhaus’ wedding. According to chairman Gerrits of the trade union BOA ACP.

Grapperhaus was embarrassed last week when images turned up showing guests at his wedding were too close. He publicly went through the dust and, according to his own words, transferred twice the coronation fee of 390 euros to the Red Cross.

The indignation of citizens about the minister‘s mistake is great, Gerrits observes. “The understanding for the coronation fine is getting smaller and smaller. And that’s what the boa notices. It’s complicated to explain why people can get a coronation fine if the minister responsible doesn’t play by the rules himself.”

Only to warn

According to Gerrits it has led to boa’s becoming more reluctant to enforce the rules. “In similar situations, i.e. with groups of people who are too close to each other, we prefer to avoid fines. We’ll leave it at a warning.”

Boas themselves are also angry about the situation, says the union chairman. “This, of course, damages our credibility. Our task is to maintain, then it would help if the minister sets a good example.”

Grapperhaus says in a reaction that he understands the criticism of his credibility. He’s invited the police and boa associations for an interview. “I think I should explain what happened to the unions myself.”

The Minister points out that he has already publicly apologised for the case: