Boat refugees rescued from sea near Mallorca

Fourteen boat refugees have been rescued in the Mediterranean near the Spanish island of Mallorca. The Coast Guard is still looking for missing people.

Initially, the authorities had reported that multiple deaths had been recovered, but they returned to it later. The refugees seem to be about African migrants on their way in a rickety boat, Spanish media reports.

The Coast Guard started a rescue operation after a tip-off by the crew of a sailboat. The survivors report that seventeen people would have been on board.

A growing number of migrants are trying to reach Spanish islands or mainland Spain by boat. The Coast Guard saved hundreds of people last week. This year alone, at least a thousand people died on their trip by sea to Spanish territory, especially to the Canary Islands but also more and more to the Balearic Islands, such as Mallorca. The International Organization for Migration already talked about โ€œthe deadliest year on the migration route to Spain.โ€