Boateng bites off: ‘Have eighty million national coaches again before the World Cup’

Jérôme Boateng spoke about the negative sentiment surrounding the German national team. The Olympique Lyon defender finds it unnecessary that Die Mannschaft receives so much criticism domestically.
Germany won only one of the last seven international matches. Last international period, England (3-3) was tied and lost to Hungary (0-1). It leads to fierce criticism of Hansi Flick‘s team. We have another eighty million national coaches shortly before the World Cup, Boateng writes in an Instagram Story.
Boateng, who played his last international match in 2018, is convinced that Germany can win everyone with the strong team and become world champion. Isn’
t it better to approach the World Cup in a positive way, instead of being critical of the team and causing unrest? , the defender asks himself. Let‘s stay positive and support the team together. After the World Cup, you can express your criticism again. ‘
Unlike the Orange, Germany still plays an international match before the start of the World Cup. On November 16, Die Mannschaft will play an exhibition game against Oman. In Qatar, Germany hits Spain, Costa Rica and Japan.