Body found in search of mother in IJ

In the search for a woman who drove into a side branch of the IJ in Amsterdam on the night from Saturday to Sunday in a car together with her three young children, a body was found on Sunday evening. That confirms the police.

The mysterious incident happened around two oclock at the boat helling at the Nieuwendammerdijk in North. The three children were able to bring themselves to safety on their own. Despite extensive searches, their mother was long without a trace. After the police stopped the search until Monday, a body was found. It has not yet been established that this is actually the missing woman.

On the parking lot where the grey Volkswagen with a license plate that refers to the town of Borken in North Rhine-Westphalia hit the water, many walkers came on Sunday afternoon to take a look at the search for divers and police boats with sonar equipment. โ€œWhat is a German woman doing with three children in the middle of the night during curfew in this secluded place,โ€ everyone wondered.

Customs officer saw it happen

Of the handful of local residents of the boat ramp only Ruud Post was awake. โ€œThe reports in the neighbourhood app showed that most of them only woke up from the emergency services and the helicopter from which they searched,โ€ he says.

The Amsterdammer soon realized that it was completely wrong. โ€œI had to stay inside because of the curfew, but I was allowed to open the bedroom window. A customs officer who was surveillance here turned out to have seen the car drive into the water. This allowed the rescue to start quickly.โ€

Children quickly rescued

Although the car had disappeared almost completely underwater, the children were quickly and seemingly unharmed from the water.

With multiple diving teams, the woman is searched for hours directly in the icy water. The search was resumed in the morning but had to be stopped on Sunday evening due to the incident darkness and would resume Monday. On Sunday evening around 20:00 a body was found, a police spokesman confirms that he does not want to say anything about the backgrounds of the drama.

Sources report that the children are eight, ten and twelve years old. For the time being, the spokesman wants to keep it on minors, although according to him the aforementioned ages are pretty good.