Body fugitive military Jürgen Conings found

In Dilserbos, Belgium, the body of the fugitive Jürgen Conings was found, says Mayor Johan Tollenaere van Maaseik to Decceit.

The Public Prosecutor‘s Office in Belgium states that according to the first findings it is indeed Conings. He probably killed himself, but that needs to be further investigated.

The mayor found the body himself in a nature reserve during mountain biking, near the Dutch border. He smelled a pungent corpse smell while cycling.

The body was found in the Dilserbos, just across the border at Geleen. Conings’s car was already found nearby in mid-May. There were multiple searches over the past month.

Police and military have been looking for Conings for weeks due to threats to corona experts, including virologist Marc van Ranst, who had to hide afterwards. Conings disappeared on May 17 with weapons he had taken from a barracks. The Public Prosecutor‘s Office designated the occupational soldier as a terrorist suspect because of his far-right sympathies.

Relief with year-old Van Ranst

Van Ranst responds relieved to the newspaper The Latest News. I assume my period here at the safehouse will be over, he says. It’s double: I have little sympathy for the man, but he also has family and children, that‘s where my thoughts go.

The virologist has been hiding for over a month now. And it’s my birthday today, a birthday alone. Anyway, I hope to return to normal life soon.