Boeing 777 loses parts over residential areas near Denver

In the U.S. state of Colorado, parts of a passenger plane crashed in residential areas of the town of Broomfield. As far as we know, no one was hurt.

United Airlines Boeing 777 flew 231 passengers from Denver to Hawaii when one of the engines broke down shortly after takeoff. Dbrils fell down and ended up in gardens and on a sports field.

The plane turned back and made an emergency landing at Denver Airport. The occupants remained unharmed. The incident is investigated by the US Aviation Authority FAA and the investigative board NTSB.

This neighbor looked out the window and saw something strange lying in a garden. I thought the neighbors trampoline was blown over:

In the Netherlands there was a similar incident yesterday, also with a aircraft of aircraft manufacturer Boeing. One of the engines caught fire shortly after leaving Maastricht Aachen Airport. Falling parts subsequently caused damage in Meerssen.

Two people were injured in the event in Meerssen. The aviation police are investigating whether there was any culpable guilt.