Boeing delivered almost 60 percent fewer aircraft in 2020

Last year, Boeing delivered 59 percent fewer aircraft than it was a year before. The coronapandemic caused many airlines to face major financial difficulties, which caused them to postpone massive investment in new aircraft. In addition, the aircraft manufacturers 737 MAX was not allowed to fly for a long time due to the two fatal accidents that occurred with the Boeing model in 2018 and 2019.

The company delivered a total of 157 aircraft in 2020. The number of orders on the shelf fell to 4223 at the end of last year, compared with almost 5900 at the end of 2018, which was the last year before Boeing was plagued by the problems around 737 MAX.

Last year, airlines scrapped 641 orders for the 737 MAX, which killed 346 people in the two crashes. In the autumn of 2020, the US Aviation Authority again authorised FAA to operate the former problem aircraft.