Boel explodes in board stop Eredivisie

In the middle of an international period of the Dutch national team, paid football and the KNVB were shocked by the fact that the complete RVC of the Eredivisie CV โ€” the limited partnership that represents the interests of all eighteen Eredivisie clubs โ€” has resigned.

During a meeting on Monday morning, President John Jaakke, who was appointed exactly three years ago on Tuesday (17 November 2017), Peter Fossen, board member of PSV, and Oege Boonstra received insufficient support from the Eredivisie clubs to represent their interests in the future. It is true that eleven clubs voted for a longer stay, the seven against voters gave the triad to leave.

โ€œ We see insufficient confidence. In our opinion, quality and continuity have lost the animosity and emotionโ€, Jaakke said in a press release. โ€œPaid football faces big questions and challenges. Then there must be confidence and that is not enough for a number of clubs.โ€

No leadership

Jaakke, former president of the RVC of Ajax, showed no leadership in the coronacrisis in the eyes of many clubs and certainly the opponents and would be too far from the paid football organizations in the Eredivisie. Jaakke was also accused of solo performance at the appointment of the already departed Eredivisie director Matthijs Manders (unsuitable according to the clubs) and his successor Jan de Jong (ex-CCEit and ex-Feyenoord).

The intention was to allow Jaakke to leave anyway when a new interest association was to be established, in which both the Eredivisie and the First Division would be included with all the BVOs. That new interest group should see the light next month. The smaller clubs in the Eredivisie, the so-called โ€œright rowโ€, had little with Jaakke. It was felt that he showed too little and did not stand up for their interests.

The administrative crisis forms a new bomb at the Eredivisie CV, where the appointment of Manders and his rapid departure also caused commotion.

Sadly detail is that the position of the RVC members was immediately the first item on the agenda of the meeting. When it became clear that there was no support for the former lawyer Jaakke as a supervisor, the place immediately exploded. All the other items on the agenda could no longer be discussed, because there was no longer a chairman. It was therefore the shortest meeting in the history of the Eredivisie CV.