Boilesen: Three strikers at home, were not allowed to play: but that wasnt the problem

Nicolai Boilesen was able to speak to the press in Dutch after PSV-FC Copenhagen. The Danish ex-Ajacied saw his team go to rest with a 1-3 lead on Thursday, but after a bizarre football night it ended up 4-4 in Eindhoven.
The first half was for the Danes, after rest PSV came back in the game. โ€œ4-4 was the way it should be,โ€ says Boilesen in conversation with ESPN. FC Copenhagen had to do without its three strikers in Eindhoven, but PSV โ€” with midfielder Pep Biel in the front โ€” still managed to hurt. โ€œAnd we could have made a few more,โ€ Boilesen laughs. โ€œWe have three strikers at home, who are not allowed to play. But in the end, that wasnt the problem.โ€
After one half, the decisive Danes sat on roses. โ€œI think we surprised them a little in the first half, created a lot of opportunities, actually have to make a few more for rest. I
m proud of the guys, we did our best, but Im a little dissatisfied with the second half.โ€
FC Copenhagen and PSV will repeat in Denmark on 17 March at 6:45 p.m. In between, PSV is still playing out against FC Utrecht.