repels books and stuff that Black Pete stands on will no longer sell products with a picture of Zwarte Piet on it from the end of September. It concerns articles with images of Zwarte Pieten “as a stereotyping caricature or of people who are completely dark-skinned”, it says in a message that was sent to the sellers at the end of July. will no longer sell products with images of Zwarte Pieten on them

Rather, the term ‘Black Pete’ is changed to ‘Pete’ in all texts. According to the site, the reason for the change is “progressive insight, appropriate to current events in the Netherlands and Belgium”

Pieten costumes may still be sold, but only if they don’t have stereotypes such as a black wig, big gold earrings and a millstone collar.

Books about Black Pete written from an educational or historical point of view are still allowed. However, they can be labelled as ‘controversial’.

Skin color

still allowed, just like another colour of Pete, for example red or blue. “All pete’s are welcome, but Black Pete isn’t anymore”, a spokesman says. Last year, the site already banned images of dark-skinned people in fancy-dress.

The webshop also changes the term ‘skin colour’ to ‘beige’ or another colour when it concerns a white skin colour. The measures will take effect on 28 September.