now informs more clearly who is a seller will from now on better inform consumers about who the seller of a product or service is. The Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) had called on the web shop to do so, because it is not always clear now. not only sells its own products, but also offers other sellers the opportunity to sell their stuff. The ACM received many complaints from consumers that it was unclear who the seller was and where they could go for problem solving.

According to the regulator, has now promised improvement “to prevent consumers from being sent from pillar to post”. The shop confirms that information about external sellers will become more visible to consumers on the website.


In addition to providing clear information about the seller, the web shop must also make agreements with external sellers on the platform about the conditions they apply to their sales. In this way, consumers will be better protected against unfair commercial practices, says the ACM.

The regulator will also monitor other sales platforms in the coming period.