Bolivia wants to sue former president Morales at Strafhof in The Hague

The government of Bolivia has contacted the International Criminal Court in The Hague to indict former president Morales for “crimes against humanity”. Interim President Jeanine Anez announced this on Twitter. The indictment revolves around massive roadblocks last month.

According to the government, Morales is guilty of “terrorism and genocide” because of the blockades, which lasted twelve days. Hospitals complained that they could not get urgent medical supplies for corona patients. As a result, according to Anez, more than forty people were killed because there was a lack of oxygen to treat them.

Morales, who lives in exile in Argentina, had called on his supporters to put pressure on the authorities in an attempt to prevent a postponement of the elections, including road blockades. The elections were initially scheduled to take place in May, but were postponed to 6 September and then to 18 October.

“Dirty war

Although the protests could not prevent the elections from being postponed, Bolivia’s main trade union called for the roadblocks to be lifted after the government passed a law that prevented further postponement after October. During the blockade, 142 roadblocks in the country ensured that trucks could only deliver oxygen to hospitals to a limited extent, the government says.

Morales was indicted last month in Bolivia for sexual abuse of a minor. According to the former president this is part of a “dirty war” of the current conservative government against his socialist party MAS, one of the major contenders in the elections in October.