Bolsonaro inspirator and conspiracy thinker Carvalho dies of corona

In the United States, the extremely right-wing conservative Brazilian ideologist Olavo de Carvalho has died. He was seen as the inspirer of Brazilian President Bolsonaro. The family announced on his Twitter account that Carvalho died in the hospital. He was 74 years old.

The announcement says nothing about the cause of death. But his daughter writes that Carvalho died of the consequences of a corona infection. A few days ago, he was hospitalized. Carvalho himself was a corona skeptic.

Conspiracy theories

He was seen as someone who had a lot of influence on the policy of Brazilian President Bolsonaro. Like the president, Carvalho has downplayed the impact of the coronavirus from the start of the pandemic.

He also adhered to conspiracy theories and claimed, among other things, that cola brewer Pepsi used the cells of aborted fetuses as a sweetener. Furthermore, he denied climate change and, like Bolsonaro, contested the usefulness of corona vaccinations.

Carvalho lived in the United States since 2005, after the left won the presidential election in Brazil. There he taught online philosophy lessons in which he spoke about individual rights and Christianity.

That ultimately made him a key figure in the conservative movement that brought Bolsonaro to power in 2018. In a post on Twitter, Bolsonaro mentions Carvalho one of the greatest thinkers in the country‘s history.

โ€œHe was a greatness in the fight for freedom and a beacon for millions of Brazilians.โ€ Bolsonaro has declared a day of national mourning.


Bolsonaro’s popularity has declined considerably due to its approach to the corona crisis and rising inflation in the country. Presidential elections will be held again in October and it becomes clear whether Bolsonaro will have a new term.