Bomb found at Northern Ireland’s agent’s house


bomb was found at the house of a police officer in Northern Ireland. The explosive was discovered in a bag on the sidewalk of a female police officer in the town of Dungiven, according to the BBC. Police consider this to be an attack on the Corps and investigate.

Tensions in the British part of the country have been increasing in recent times. Both Irish nationalists and pro-British loyalists are involved in the worst turmoil of recent years. Loyalists are dissatisfied with the consequences of Brexit for this part of the United Kingdom. They feel more isolated than ever by new controls between Northern Ireland and the rest of the country.

Target of โ€œterroristsโ€

Northern Ireland‘s Prime Minister Arlene Foster of the pro-British unionists tweeted that the policewoman was targeted by โ€œterrorists.โ€ The investigation may focus on divisions of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

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Earlier this month, Belfast was restless for days in Northern Ireland’s capital Belfast. Rolers sought confrontation with the police in several districts. In the riots, 88 officers were wounded.

In the last century, a bloody battle raged in and over Northern Ireland, also known as The Troubles, with 3500 deaths. The Catholic Republicans wanted the region to become part of Ireland again, the pro-British and Protestant unionists felt that Northern Ireland should remain in the United Kingdom. The Good Friday Agreement in 1998 made a fragile peace.