Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, inspired by Jet Set Radio, delayed for 2022

Team Reptile has prepared a couple of surprises for those looking forward to the release of the vibrant Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game, reminiscent of the music street arcade Jet Set Radio. She finally released an official trailer in which she demonstrated all the merits of the project. And at the same time announced the transfer of its release.

Initially Bomb Rush Cyberfunk planned to release no earlier than 2021. Now that deadline has shifted: the release should take place only in 2022.

The exact list of supported platforms is also not announced, but the game will definitely appear on the RS, as well as on consoles. Players will get into a noisy futuristic funk city and try to become the best in it street artist.

To achieve this goal can be many ways, and this includes the study of the city, dancing, skirmishes with police officers and tricks on jetpacks. In the city there are several groups, and each has its own objectives and identification signs.

Some of them will become our allies, and with others will have to compete for places for graffiti. More on Gambling Tactical Fighting Fights in Tight Spaces came into early access Neo-Retro Metroidovaniya Narita Boy comes out in March CyberTown: in Poland are making another Cyberpunk.