Bomb threat around Capitol arrested

A man who stood at the Washington D.C. Capitol claimed to have a bomb in his pickup truck surrendered and was arrested.

A live stream video on Facebook showed how a man spoke in a car parked on a sidewalk outside the library behind the Capitol. In the video, the man said he wanted to speak to President Biden and demanded that he resigned. The man said Biden had ‘stolen’ the election result, the same message that led to the storming of the Capitol by supporters of outgoing President Trump at the beginning of this year. The police took the report very seriously.

Emergency services were present in large numbers at the Capitol:

Multiple buildings around the Capitol were evacuated and police deployed snipers. Officers negotiated hours with the man in his pickup truck, which ultimately led to his arrest.

The incident began when the man drove his car without a license plate to the sidewalk in front of the library behind the Capitol. The driver told a cop he had a bomb and held the detonator.

Following the storming on January 6 by supporters of then President Trump, tightly secured fences were placed around the Capitol, but they were removed last month.