Bonucci deflates after losing Juventus: Im extremely worried

Leonardo Bonucci is anything but happy with the current form of his Juventus club. Thats what the experienced defender told Prime Video on Wednesday night. According to Bonucci, something needs to change very urgently at Juventus.
โ€œWe lost a game today that we should never have lost,โ€ says a disappointed Bonucci after the game against Benfica (1-2). โ€œIt is entirely right that we are screamed by the public. In these situations, as captain, I am responsible and I have to speak to everyone. We now have a period where everything is apparently difficult for us.โ€
The defender is clearly concerned about his club. In the Champions League, Juventus is at zero points after two rounds of play, and in Serie A, the club is four points behind the leader Napoli. โ€œI
m worried about Juventus. Were just letting matches slip out of our hands too quickly. I dont know why either, and thats the most frustrating part of this situation.โ€
How to proceed with Juventus is also a mystery to Bonucci. However, he knows that in any case, it is not allowed to give up. โ€œSomething has to change with us, that
s one thing that is certain. A lot of players have been injured at the club, but we shouldnt blame that. Its everyones fault around Juventus. Now we just have to shut up, get to work and look ahead.โ€

Leonardo Bonucci admits he is worried and Juventus fans have every right to jeer them after a 2-1 home defeat to Benfica left them on zero points in the Champions League #Juventus #Benfica #JuveBenfica #JUVBEN #JUVSLB #UCL
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