Bonucci warns Ronaldo ahead of playoffs: Hes going to hit

A wink warning for Cristiano Ronaldo: Leonardo Bonucci states that the attacker will suffer pain should it come to a confrontation between Italy and Portugal in the playoffs for next years World Cup in Qatar.
Italy and Portugal both came second in qualifying and therefore have to play playoffs to earn a spot in the World Cup. In the possible final of those playoffs, the two countries can meet. Bonucci warns Ronaldo in advance. โ€œI did hear from Ronaldo,โ€ says Bonucci in conversation with RAI Sport. โ€œWe
re going to see whats going to happen on the field. Cristiano knows hes going to get blows,โ€ Bonucci winks.
Italy managed to win the European Championships last summer, but is not sure of a place at the World Cup. โ€œWe are aware that we have done something special,โ€ Bonucci continues. โ€œWe have to put that aside and we are going to focus on the duel with North Macedonia in March. I want to give my kids a World Cup gift. They havent seen Italy play at a World Cupโ€, he concludes.