Bonus for care personnel, transfer tax for starters disappears

For this year the staff has been promised a bonus of 1000 euro. Opposition parties also wanted an extra salary increase for the health personnel, but it turned out that there was no majority in the Chamber for this.

When you buy a house for the first time, the transfer tax expires. Starters no longer have to pay transfer tax as of 1 January, sources confirm to the CCeit. Now that tax is still 2 percent of the purchase price. For example, a starter who buys a house of 200,000 euros after 1 January is cheaper than 4,000 euros.

The measure only applies to buyers who are going to occupy their house. It does not apply to people who buy a second home or to owners of multiple properties who rent out their houses. With this measure, the government wants to get the housing market back on its feet.

Large companies are facing a setback: profit taxes for them will not be reduced – as previously announced – but will remain at the same level. For small businesses, however, the profit tax will be reduced, and even further than planned: to 15 percent.

A scheme is being worked on in stages so that more companies will fall under the low rate. First, all companies with a profit of up to 200,000 euros per year will go to the low rate, eventually entrepreneurs with a profit of up to 400,000 euros will be covered

The self-employed tax deduction, a tax benefit for small entrepreneurs, will be further reduced in steps of 110 euros to 3240 euros with a temporary compensation scheme, sources say to the CCeit. Coalition parties discussed the budget for 2021 and the third support package for the corona crisis over the past few days, and these agreements have come to fruition.

Later today, the Ministers of Great Tit and Wiebes are consulting with the social partners, trade unions and employers. Prime Minister Rutte thinks they can agree to the proposed measures.