Book week postponed to summer

The Book Week, scheduled from 6 to 14 March, is postponed to summer by the coronacrisis, when bookstores and libraries are open again. Also the eightieth edition of the famous Bookball, the traditional festival of publishers and writers, is not going on.

โ€œ It is now, and even later in the summer, irresponsible to come together with hundreds of writers and raise the glass.โ€ This is how the trade association announced CPNB this afternoon.

Literature fans who were eagerly eagerly looking forward to the Book Week Gift of 2021 should be patient. The gift booklet, for which Hanna Bervoets was asked to write it this year, will also be handed out to customers of the bookshops in the summer.

Theme twofold

Director Eveline Aendekerk of the CPNB, who organizes the annual event, has made this decision with pain in her heart. โ€œThe Book Week theme is Twiced, more topical than ever,โ€ she sighs. โ€œWe have been in conflict over the last few months. The Book Week is supposed to be a party in the bookstore and library, but can you speak of a party if you have to be closed and have only a pick-up counter at our disposal?โ€

Online activities

The decision was difficult. Because Book Week is an important promotion for writers, books and trade. But at the insistence of the retailers, the CPNB has now opted for a postponement of the feast. Doing nothing at all, however, is not there. The week in March has now been renamed ‘The Preface of the Book Week’. In which all kinds of online and offline activities are organized.

On Friday 5 March a special TV broadcast will be made from the empty theatre in Amsterdam (ITA). Famous writers will perform, to make the viewer warm to the literature at home and to highlight the mysterious veil that still lies over the illustrious Bookball for many.