Borst has message for angry Ajax goalkeeper Pasveer: ‘Let it go well, man’

Hugo Borst responded to Remko Pasveers firm words, which were addressed to him. According to Borst, the comment about the Ajax goalkeeper in his column was conceived differently than he wanted.
After Jay Gorter showed up unhappy against PSV, Borst wrote that Pasveer had โ€œcomfortedโ€ himself in the base. After all, the routine took care of Gorter afterwards. Pasveer later lashed out firmly at Borst. โ€œI find this scary behavior,โ€ he said, among other things. Now Borst will speak again at De Eretribune about the situation. โ€œIt is interesting,โ€ he begins. โ€œI had written my column about the goalkeeper who failed, not the goalkeeper who comforted.โ€
โ€œI heard that he (Pasveer, ed.) is angry,โ€ continues Borst. โ€œEverything is imaging and of course Pasveer doesn
t think about that. Im convinced that the comfort was genuine, but Im just wondering if you should help a wounded animal like that, if there are cameras like that. Do that in the locker room. I thought it was too long. Id give him a little bit of his ass, but my criticism is about Gorter. I think: you should not show weakness as a top athlete on the field. Thats what the column was about.โ€
โ€œThe last sentence, about Pasveer comforting himself in the basics, was just a nice sentence. It wasnt meant to dance on Gorters grave, or to say Pasveer is a bastard.โ€ Next, Borst has another message for Pasveer. โ€œAs a football player, I wouldnt care too much about columnists or analysts either. I get it when he says this in the fire of the moment, but after a few days… Let it go, man.โ€