Boscagli skipped ‘easy way’ and returned to PSV: ‘Snap criticism’

Oliver Boscagli was a reserve inksback during his first PSV season and barely came to jail, but this season is the revelation in Eindhoven. The 23-year-old left-leg from Monaco stood at a crossroads last summer and decided to join PSV.
After his debut season in the Eredivisie, Boscagli was written off by some. โ€œI understood all the criticism, it was a very difficult first year for me,โ€ he tells De Cceit. โ€œMy manager asked me what I wanted to do in the summer. Either you take the easy road and go back to France, or you do everything you can to succeed at PSV.โ€
Boscagli chose the second option and invested in himself during the pre-season. โ€œA lot of cardio training, I tried to get stronger with a personal trainer and worked a lot in the mulle sand, because Im not the fastest player.โ€ The PSVer โ€” recently moved from the defense to the midfield โ€” had a wake-up call. โ€œI am also a typical Frenchman, was a lazy boy. It didnt always help me in the beginning of my career. I totally changed that mindset.โ€