Boskamp and Janssen point out outstanding Ajax: “A fantastic season”

Davy Klaassen made the 1-0 for Ajax, but at RTL also Dusan Tadic gets all the credits for the goal. Theo Janssen is enthusiastic about the Serbian captain of the Amsterdammers.
Klaassen gave the ball to Tadic, who returned the ball to the scoring Klaassen. Most players had gone for their own chance. You should also look at the defenses of Roma, but this is fantastic. Hardly anyone gives it back, everyone goes for their own success, says Janssen. This is ninety percent Tadics goal. Hes doing great and has scored nineteen times this season. Then youre working on a fantastic season.
However, the game of Ajax leaves much to be desired, according to Jan Boskamp. Ajax was very lucky to get the 1-0. They suffered a lot of ball loss, you
re not used to that from Ajax. Roma plays in the back with five men and four players before. Then you have to go up ball tempo and thats the thing.
The midfielders of Ajax are too high so they are not playable, Janssen analyzes. They need to sink more back and get better between the lines. The backs and midfielders are far too high.

Jan and Theo are praising about Dusan Tadic. Davy Klaassen makes the goal, but this goal is 90 percent Tadic, says @THEOJANSSEN1981. #ajarom #UEL
— VTBL ⚽ (@vtbl) April 8, 2021