Boskamp gives advice to Hazard: ‘This situation has been going on for three years now’

Eden Hazard had a strong preparation at Real Madrid, but was also told that he is no longer seen as a base player. Jan Boskamp advises him to leave.
Hazard‘s new status also became clear earlier this week in the European Supercup. Hazard did not take action and remained on the bench against Eintracht Frankfurt. At the medal ceremony, he was also very troubled. It really didn’t look happy, says Boskamp in Het Belang van Limburg.
If it‘s up to Boskamp, Hazard leaves Real Madrid. I think he’d better play football somewhere else. Otherwise, it will be really difficult for Martinez (national coach Belgium, ed.) to draw him up in Qatar. This situation has been going on for three years now.
If Eden is really crazy about football and wants to shine at his last World Cup, he needs to play urgently now. A loan may be a solution. But of course he still has to want it himself.