Boskamp lashes out in Belgium: ‘I get the crap out of that sentence’

In Belgium, Jan Boskamp has lashed out for Burnley manager Vincent Kompany. Boskamp believes that the Belgian coach has underperformed at RSC Anderlecht.
In the past three years, Kompany has been active as a coach at Anderlecht. This summer, he makes the switch to Burnley. Boskamp, who won three national titles as Anderlecht coach some thirty years ago, is not impressed. โ€œWhoever becomes an Anderlecht coach knows that he has to win the national title, periodโ€, he talks to boulevard newspaper Het Belang van Limburg. โ€œIf you still haven‘t done that after three years, it’s normal for people to lose patience with you.โ€
In Belgium, Kompany was denounced for his statements about ‘trust the process. โ€œI get the crap out of that sentence, it drives me crazy,โ€ says Boskamp. โ€œJust like that data they‘re now using for scouting. Real football experts recognize talent with the naked eye. They don’t rely on computer numbers to scout players.โ€