Bosvelt: “This week, four anyway. And hopefully two more within a week and a half”

Go Ahead Eagles technical manager Paul Bosvelt expects to be able to present multiple players this week and next. Despite the fact that Go Ahead has had a top season, it is not the case that players suddenly come easier.
The salary budget has increased at Go Ahead: from three to four million euros. Yes. And maybe we can also pay a transfer fee a little more often on the left or right. But salaries per se are not going up. Our ceiling remains our ceiling. We remain the club with a lot of competition in terms of salary, says Bosvelt in conversation with the local newspaper de Stentor.
Bosvelt hopes to welcome multiple players to Go Ahead soon. This week, four anyway. And hopefully two more within a week and a half. In the end, that should be at least eight in total. Although it is not necessary to have the selection completed before the first training. The core is, but we don‘t want it boarded up. Also, is not necessary. In the final phase of preparation, players enter the market who do not appear in the plans at larger clubs. Those are interesting players for us. You saw that last season with Inigo Córdoba, says Bosvelt about the striker, who is no longer returning.
Last year, we were lucky that his club Athletic Bilbao wanted to co-pay. Otherwise, it would never have worked out. He’
s out of budget.