Bosz is brief about transfer rumors: “Im the one who decides here, right?”

Peter Bosz seems to be looking for a new captain at Olympique Lyon. Léo Dubois, the previous captain of Les Gones, lost his base spot at the end of last season and is on his way to the exit.
Dubois reportedly has an offer from Fulham in his pocket. Bosz told a press conference that he does not know who his new captain will be yet. The leadership is very important. I decide who it will be at the end of the preparation. I know most of the players, but not all of them. I will take the time to get to know everyone, especially the new players. After that, Ill make a decision.
The new captain of Bosz must meet a specific profile. The captain is the first player to enter the field, the Dutchman was clear. He must have a personality that can help his team win.
By the way, Bosz did not want to confirm that his old captain Dubois is leaving. I
m the one who decides here, right? , Bosz addressed the present journal with a smile. And you havent spoken to me. We will see where everyone is playing in a few weeks.